ADDI Comfort Grip Crochet Hook

ADDI Comfort Grip Crochet Hook

One ADDI 15cm nickel-plated aluminium crochet hook with comfort grip handle: aluminium crochet hooks with new stronger handles that are easy on the hands. The front part of the handle can be turned to find your most comfortable position.

The crochet hooks are colour-coded - with each size a different colour:

  • 2mm = blue, UK and Canadian size 14
  • 2.5mm = yellow, UK size 12, Canadian size 13
  • 3mm = orange, UK and Canadian size 11
  • 3.25mm = red, UK size 10, US D 3
  • 4.5mm = ecru, UK size 7, US 7
  • 5mm = brown, UK size 6, US H 8
  • 5.5mm = turquoise, UK size 5, US I 9
  • 6mm = navy, UK size 4, US J 10

All sizes available from 2mm to 6mm: please select the size you would like from the drop down menu.

Length of hook: 15cm

Priced from £3.00

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Brand: Addi
Product Code: 148-7