Drachenwolle DAMSELS Elisabeth

Drachenwolle DAMSELS Elisabeth
DRACHENWOLLE Damsels or Burgfräulein Elisabeth - shades of grey with magenta pink.

Wool/nylon sock yarn dyed by Drachenwolle of Germany. This edition combines grey tones with rich contrasting colour inspired by Arthurian legend, evoking imaginings of ladies in a castle tower.

Hand-dyed 100g skein of standard 4-ply / fingering sock yarn with an irregular striping effect.

Soft sock wool with nylon for strength.
Yarn required for pair socks = 100g

Composition: 75% new wool, 25% nylon.
Skein size: 100g = 420m
Needle size: 2.5mm
Care: Washable on wool cycle at 30 degrees max.
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Colour: Pink
FIBRE: wool/nylon
Brand: Drachenwolle
Product Code: DD-4
Weight: 0.1kg