Incomparable BUTTONS L359 - aqua glazed round x 5

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Incomparable BUTTONS L359 - aqua glazed round x 5
5 small round buttons with a milky aqua blue-green glaze, 2cm ( three quarters of an inch) in diameter.
Handmade ceramic buttons - individual and a little different - fantastic fair trade Incomparable Buttons from South Africa for the perfect finishing touch.

These buttons are flat-backed, hand made ceramic and acid free, so also suitable for scrapbooking.
Fully machine washable and dry cleanable: just turn the garment inside out when cleaning to protect the buttons.
All buttons come mounted on card 2" / 5 cm wide to give you an indication of size.
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BRAND: Incomparable
Colour: Green
Material: Ceramic
Design: Flower
Size: Tiny
Product Code: L359
Weight: 0.03kg